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Public Law

Advising on both transactions and litigation, our Public Law team has expertise covering all aspects of public law including, but not limited with criminal proceedings, tax conflicts, administrative contracts, Zoning and land use, government owned assets, permits and authorizations. The team also assists clients in their dealings with sector-based regulatory authorities. Moreover, the team possesses significant expertise in environmental law, which allows it to advise project leaders in obtaining the needed regulatory approvals and in carrying out required environmental audits.


What are the tax evasion crimes?
  • The acts constituting a tax evasion crime are specified in Article 359 of the Tax Procedure Law. According to the law; “Falsifying Books, Records and Documents”, “Hiding Books, Records and Documents”, “Editing or Using Misleading Documents”, “Making Accounts and Account Frauds”, “Opening Unfair Accounts”, “Double Book Keeping”, “Book , Document and Records Falsification” acts give rise to the crime of tax evasion.