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Our Services

What do we do?
  • We are counseling clients about legal options
  • We are representing them in criminal or civil court proceedings.
Where do we have experience?
  • We feel ourselves confident in rendering legal consultancy services in each law field, including but not limited to the Corporate, Contracts, Real Estate and Civil Law.
  • However,we believe that consultancy services cannot be provided without litigation expertise and experience.
  • A positive court decision means nothing if you cannot collect the money for your client.
  • Sometimes, you just have to push people to get paid, what we just simply do with the help of public enforcement offices.
What makes us different?

We have a Western-Approach:

  • We do not sale dreams,
  • We inform you about each mile-stone,
  • We respond fast.
What do you pay for our services?
  • Local clients mostly prefer to work on a “retainer” basis, since consultancy and litigation services are provided for a fixed amount, which means that everyone knows what they will pay and receive.
  • Foreign clients, but also some local clients mostly have only one specific legal problem and want to be consulted or represented in relation thereto. A fixed amount as an advance payment + success fee depending on the litigated amount makes the picture clear for them.
  • However, some prefer to work on a time-billed basis with a certain cap, which is also a payment model, that we can provide for our clients.